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Published on:1, 2011
Pharmacognosy Journal, 2011; 3(19):45-48
Original Article | doi:10.5530/pj.2011.19.9

Hypoglycaemic Activity of Seed Extract of Clitoria ternatea Linn in Streptozotocin- Induced Diabetic Rats.

Authors and affiliation (s):

Bandaru Venkata Kalyan*, Hariprasath Kothandam, Venkatesh Palaniyappan, Akula Raghu Praveen.
Sir C.R.Reddy college of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Eluru-534007, Andhra Pradesh, India.


Introduction: Traditional plant medicines are used throughout the world for a range of diabetic complication. The evaluation of phytochemical is the logical way of searching for the new drugs to treat diabetes. The leaves and flowers of Clitoria ternatea have been reported for antidiabetic activity, hence an attempt was made to evaluate the antidiabetic potential of seeds of Clitoria ternatea. Methods: Ethanol extract of seeds of Clitoria ternatea Linn was subjected to preliminary phytochemical investigations. The seed extracts at two dose levels like 200mg and 400mg/kg body weight were screened for hypoglycaemic activity in Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats (60mg/kg, i.p.). Results: Ethanol extract showed the presence of various phytoconstituents viz. sterols, alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, tannins, carbohydrates, proteins, phenolic compounds and flavonoids. The ethanol extract at 400mg/kg.b.wt dose showed significant decreased blood glucose (p < 0.001), cholesterol (p < 0.05), alkaline phosphatase (p < 0.001), aspartate amino transferase (p < 0.001) and alanine amino transferase (p < 0.001), when compared to diabetic control. Conclusion: Further study is required to isolate active phytoconstituents from ethanolic extract of seeds of Clitoria ternatea Linn.

Keywords: Clitoria ternatea Linn, Antidiabetic, Streptozotocin.


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