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Published on:8, 2011
Pharmacognosy Journal, 2011; 3(24):50-54
Original Article | doi:10.5530/pj.2011.24.10

Profile of Elemental Composition of Oroxylum indicum L.(Vent.) Collected from Different Geographical Regions of India

Authors and affiliation (s):

K. Srilatha Srinivas and A.A. Saraf*

Department of Botany, The Institute of Science, Mumbai-32, India.


Mineral content was quantified in Oroxylum indicum L.(Vent.) collected from two different geographic regions of India viz. Western Ghats (Maharashtra) and Northern Uttar Pradesh. The main aim of this study was determination of elemental composition in different parts of the plant Oroxylum indicum L.(Vent.), which is extensively used in Ayurvedic preparations. Specific parts (leaves, stem and root) often used in Indian ayurvedic system were analyzed for 10 elements viz Cu,Na,Ca,Cr,Mn,Fe,Ni,Cd,Zn and Pb by employing ICPES techniques. All of the detected values for metallic elements in plant studied here were found to be below the WHO permissible levels. The elemental concentration in different part of medicinal plants and their biological effects on human beings are discussed.

Key words: Oroxylum indicum L.(Vent.), ICPES, elemental composition.


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