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Published on:11th Mar, 2012
Pharmacognosy Journal, 2012; 4(28):49-55
Original Article | doi:10.5530/pj.2012.28.10

Structural Peculiarities of the Vegetative Organs of the Species of Vinca

Authors and affiliation (s):

(V. minor L and V. Herbacea waldst et Kit)

N.Gaguaa, k.Mchedlidzeb, V.Vachnadzeb, A.Bakuridzea

aTbilisi State Medical University, Faculty of Pharmacy, 33 Vaja-Pshavela avenue, 0179, Tbilisi, Georgia, natigagua@yahoo.com

bSSIP Tbilisi State Medical University, Iovel Kutateladze Pharmacochemistry Institute , Sarajishvili 36, 0159, Tbilisi, Georgia.


Plant Vinca grows in broad-leaved forests, shrubs and on dry slopes. At some place it produces bigger bush woods. It is native to the middle and south Europe. It is decorative and medicinal plant. Generally the family of Vinca – Vinca L unites 7 species. There are two species commonly spread in Georgia: V.herbacea Waldst et Kit and V.pubescens. The plants including in the genus of Vinca – Vinca L. are characterized by perennial, salverform, simple and broad (20-30 mm long) flowers and free stamen.


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