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Published on:09th Mar, 2015
Pharmacognosy Journal, 2015; 7(3):205-209
Original Article | doi:10.5530/pj.2015.3.10

Morphological and anatomical investigations of Vicia truncatula Fish. ex Bieb.

Authors and affiliation (s):

Fatima Kazbekovna Serebryanaya1*, Oksana Michailovna Sharenko1, Michail Alexandrovich Serkov1

Department of Botany and Department of Organic Chemistry, Pyatigorsk Medical and Pharmaceutical Institute, A Branch of Volgograd State Medical University Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Pyatigorsk, 357532, KalininaAv.11, Russia.


Introduction: Micromorphological research of vegetative bodies of Vicia truncatula Fish. ex Bieb. as a source of a sum of diosmetine biozides (flavicine) with high antioxidant hepatoprotective and endothelial-protective activities. We have identified the main diagnostic signs of vegetative bodies which can be used when standard documentation on medicinal vegetable raw materials compile. Materials and Methods: The objects of the study were collected in North Caucasus (Russia) in June 2013-2014. Materials morphological study herbarium specimens were stored in the herbarium fund the Department of Botany (acronym PGFA). Materials micromorphological study were temporary slides are the root, leaf, stem and flowers. Results: The morphological results were compared with the Flora of the USSR. Anatomical characters of leaves and stems of the species were observed to be similar to the usual features of genus Vicia anatomy. All results are supported by photographs. The stomatal apparatus belongs to anomocytic and paracytic types, simple multicellular hairs. Conclusion: we would like to note that these investigations are one of the phases of Vicia truncatula Fish. ex Bieb. examination and the medicinal plant is considered to be a perspective source of flavicine. The morphological and anatomical research obtained data can be used in standard documentation for medicinal vegetable raw material compiling.

Key words: Anatomy, Morphological and Anatomical investigations, Morphology, Vicia truncatula Fish. ex Bieb.


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