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Published on:31 Dec 2012
Pharmacognosy Journal, 2012; 4(34):22-25
Original Article | doi:10.5530/pj.2012.34.4

Evaluation of antioxidant activity of the methanolic leaf extract of Clausena excavata Burm. f.(Rutaceae) using the lipid peroxidation model

Authors and affiliation (s):

C Guntupalli,1* G Siva Kumar,2 Adapa Satish Kumar3 and Tejaswi Tubati4

1,2Department of Pharmacognosy, Gitam Institute of Pharmacy, Gitam University Gandhinagar Campus, Rushikonda Visakhapatnam-530045.

3,4Department of Pharmacology, Mother Teresa Pharmacy college, Kothuru, Sathupally, Khammam Dist-507303, A.P, India.


Clausena excavata Burm. f.(Rutaceae) has long been associated with medicinal benefits in folk medicine, particularly in the treatment of cancer and its related disorders in the eastern region of Thailand. The present study evaluates the antioxidant activity of the methanolic leaf extract of C. excavata using the lipid peroxidation model. The results indicated that the methanolic leaf extract showed marked antioxidant activity (IC50 = 201.3 μg/ml), whereas the aqueous leaf extract showed moderate antioxidant activity (IC50 = 450.6 μg/ml). In conclusion, the antioxidant activity of the methanolic leaf extract of C. excavata was comparable with that of propyl gallate, which is used as a standard drug, thus confirming that it might be a good source of antioxidants. The extended degree of antioxidant activity could be attributable to the presence of flavonols, gallic acid, and angelicin, which are known to be antioxidants.

Keywords: Free radical, MDA, Propyl gallate, TBARS, Rutaceae.


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