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Published on:17th Feb 2010
Pharmacognosy Journal, 2010; 2(6):102–106
Original Article | doi:Nill

In vitro antioxidant activity of Entada pursaetha, Toddalia aculeata, and Ziziphus mauritiana.

Authors and affiliation (s):

Pakutharivu T.1, Suriyavadhana M.2*.

1Department of Biochemistry, M.G.R. College, Hosur 635109, India.

2Department of Biochemistry, Periyar University, Salem 636011. India.


The antioxidant activity of the crude methanolic extract of the seeds of Entada pursaetha, the stem of Toddalia aculaeta, and the fruit of Ziziphus mauritiana was investigated. The total phenolic composition of methanolic extract was calculated to be 5.5mg catechol equivalents/g of sample. Antioxidant activity of the extract was evaluated on the basis of ability of scavenging free radical and hydroxyl radical with the Ic 50 values 2.12mg/ml and 1.034mg/ml respectively. Total antioxidant capacity of crude plant extract was found to be 1.43mg ascorbic acid equivalents at 250?g/ml extract concentration. The reducing power of the extract increased dose dependently and the extract reduced the most Fe 3+ ions to the extent less than the standard ascorbic acid.

Key words: Antioxidants, Entada pursaetha, Toddalia aculeata, Ziziphus mauritiana, DPPH, Hydroxyl radical, Reducing power


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