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Pharmacognosy Journal, 2010; 2(6):90–101
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Stability-indicating RP-HPLC determination of Curcumin in Vicco Turmeric cream and Haridrakhand churna.

Authors and affiliation (s):

Chittora Nawal Kishore*, Alankar Shrivastava and Jain Anurekha

B.R.Nahata College of pharmacy, Mhow-neemuch road, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, India.


A simple, specific, precise and stability-indicating HPLC method of analysis of Curcumin both as a bulk drug and in cream and churna formulations was developed and validated. Chromatographic separation were achieved using Lachrom HPLC with Lichrospher, ODS, (250× 4.6) mm, 5 μ column at ambient temperature. Mixture of ACN: THF: 2%Aceticacid: Water (35: 30: 20:15) was used as mobile phase and delivered at constant flow rate of 0.5 ml/min. 429 nm was selected as wave length for detection of method. The Curcumin peak was obtained at RT 6.20. The linear regression analysis data for the calibration plots showed good linear relationship with r = 0.996, in the concentration range 1–4 μg/ml. The value of slope, intercept and correlation coefficient were found to be 3E+06, 478941 and 0.9985. The method was validated for specificity, precision and recovery. The limits of detection and quantitation were 52.9 ng/ml and 160 ng/ml respectively. Curcumin was subjected to acid and alkali hydrolysis, oxidation and photodegradation. The drug undergoes degradation under acidic, basic, light and oxidation conditions. This indicates that the drug is susceptible to acid, base hydrolysis, oxidation and photo oxidation. As the method could effectively separate the drug from its degradation product, it can be employed as a stability-indicating. The newly developed method can be used in pharmaceutical industry for routine analysis of Curcumin in cream and churna formulations.

Key words: Curcumin, stability indicating, RP-HPLC, Anti-inflammatory, Forced degradation.


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