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Published on:12/2010
Pharmacognosy Journal, 2011; 2(18):71-76
Review Article | doi:10.1016/S0975-3575(11)80029-5

Anthocephalus Cadamba: A Review

Authors and affiliation (s):

Atul Dubey*, Satish Nayak and D. C. Goupale

Bansal college of pharmacy Kokta, Anand nagar, Bhopal-462021


Anthocephalus cadamba is one of such ayurvedic remedy that has been mentioned in many Indian medicinal literatures. This article discusses about the medicinal values of Anthocephalus cadamba. In this communication, we reviewed the phytochemistry of Anthocephalus cadamba and its application in the treatment of various ailments like diabetes mellitus, diarrhoea, fever, inflammation, haemoptysis, cough, vomiting, wounds, ulcers, debility and antimicrobial activity. The major constituents of the plant are triterpenes, triterpenoid glycosides, flavanoids, saponins, indole alkaloids; cadambine, cadamine, isocadambine, isodihydrocadambine. This review discusses the investigations made by various workers related to chemical constituents, pharmacological action and toxicological studies of this plant since years till date.

Key words: Anthocephalus cadamba, Indole alkaloids, Pharmacological action, Antimicrobial action and Toxicological studies.


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