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Published on:11/2010
Pharmacognosy Journal, 2010; 2(17):47-52
Research Article | doi:Nill

Protective Responce of Methnolic Extract of Garcinia Indica Fruits on CCl4 Induced Liver Damage

Authors and affiliation (s):

P. Swathi,T. Jagadeesh kumar*, M. Madhu babu and Ch. Vijay

Faculty of Pharmacy, Prist university,Thanjavur,Tamil Nadu,India.


Garcinia indica commonly known as “kokum” is widely used in different parts of India for the treatment of obesity. The present study was to evaluate the protective response of methanolic extract of Garcinia indica fruits on CCl4 induced liver damage. Chronic liver diseases commonly result in liver fibrosis. Carbon tetra chloride (CCl4) is widely used for experimental induction of liver fibrosis. It is a potent heptatoxin producing centrilobular necrosis which causes liver injury. Five groups each of 6 rats were used. First group (normal control) was given 1 ml of liquid paraffin /kg b.wt. daily for 60 days and kept as normal control. Rats of the second group were given the same dose of liquid paraffin, in addition CCl4 (30% in liquid paraffin) was given in a single oral dose of 1 ml /kg b.wt, for every 72 hours. Rats of the third, fourth and fifth groups were pre-treated orally with 200,400 mg/kg of methanolic extract of Garcinia indica suspended in 1% CMC and 25 mg/kg b.wt of silymarin Serum was separated and used for various biochemical estimations. Liver and kidney were collected in ice-cold containers, washed with saline, homogenized with appropriate buffer and used for the estimation of protein, liver enzymes (SGPT & SGOT), ALP, hepatic TBARS, Glycogen content, catalase activity, liver Na+-K+ AT Pase activity and glutathione. Results of this study revealed that Garcinia indica could afford a significant protection in the alleviation of CCl4 induced hepatocellular injury.

Key words: Garcinia indica, hepatoprotective activity, silymarin and ccl4.


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