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Published on:10th sep 2010
Pharmacognosy Journal, 2010; 2(13):561-564
Research Article | doi:Nill

Extraction of Saponins from Safed Musli

Authors and affiliation (s):

Barve KH*, Laddha KS and Jayakumar B

SPTM, SVKM’s NMIMS, Mumbai. 5th Floor, Mithibai College, SPTM, SVKM’s NMIMS, Vile Pale (W), MUMBAI- 400 056.

Institute of Chemical Technology, Nathalal Parekh Marg, Matunga (E), Mumbai- 400019.

Nandan Biomatrix, Hyderabad.


Introduction: Research studies on Chlorophytum conducted in India and elsewhere indicate that saponins are responsible for medicinal properties. Thus, this study was undertaken in order to setup optimum parameters for the effective extraction of saponins from Chlorophytum borivilianum tubers. Methods: Particle size of the material for extraction; the effect of time, temperature, choice of solvent on extraction were studied. The effect of different drying techniques was also studied. Result: It was observed that mesh size 30/60, at 60°C for 4 h using either water or methanol as solvent was giving appreciable good yield of saponins in the extract Conclusion: The extraction is best accomplished at a temperature of 60ºC for four hours. The extract so obtained can be dried using either of the techniques, depending on the type of formulation required to be made out of the extract.

Key words: Chlorophytum borivilianum (Santa Pau & Fernandes), extractive value, saponin content.


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