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Published on:10th sep 2010
Pharmacognosy Journal, 2010; 2(15):21-30

Pharmacognostic and Phytochemical Investigations of Stems of Hibiscus micranthus Linn.

Authors and affiliation (s):

Shanti Bhushan Mishra*1, Alok Mukerjee1, M. Vijayakumar2

1United Institute of Pharmacy, UCER, Naini, Allahabad (U.P.) India.

2Ethnopharmacology division, National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow (U.P.) India


The present investigation deals with Pharmacognostical, physicochemical and phytochemical analysis of Hibiscus micranthus Linn.,. The macroscopic and microscopic characters, physical constant values, extractive values, ash values, micro chemical analysis and fluorescence analysis were performed. The presence of lignified, thick wall, libiform type of fibres with pointed tips & vessel elements with oblique perforations plates having short, pointed tails as seen in the powder of stem were the distinguishing microscopic features and can be used as anatomical markers. Chemomicroscopic characters present included lignin, starch, suberin, mucilage, cellulose, protein bodies and calcium oxalate crystals. Physical constants performed were loss on drying, ash content, acid insoluble ash and water soluble ash. Extractive values in pet. ether (60-80oC), chloroform, alcohol and hydroalcoholic were determined. Fluorescence studies of the powder were carried in ordinary light and UV light with various solvents. Phytochemical screening of successive extracts showed positive reactions for steroids, flavonoids, carbohydrates, phenols and tannins. The fingerprints of the hydroalcoholic extract were obtained by HPTLC technique in three best mobile phase solvent systems. The flavonoid content of hydroalcoholic extract was determined by colorimetric method. Chemical profiling of hydroalcoholic extract was also performed by GC-MS analysis. Further a HPLC method with photodiode array detector was followed to quantify rutin in hydroalcoholic extract of Hibiscus micranthus ( HEHM). The present study provides details to characterize the Pharmacognostical, physicochemical and phytochemical parameters. An accurate and rapid HPLC quantification method has also been developed for quality control determination of rutin from Hibiscus micranthus stem.

Key words: Hibiscus micranthus, Pharmacognostical analysis, Chemical profiling, HPTLC, HPLC, GC-MS.


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