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Pharmacognosy Journal, 2010; 2(5):29-33
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Pharmacognostical Studies on Momordica tuberosa Cogn.

Authors and affiliation (s):

Pramod Kumar *1, Devala Rao G.2, Lakshmayya1, Ramachandra Setty S3

1Department of Pharmacognosy, V.L. College of Pharmacy, Raichur-584103, India

2KVSR Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Vijayawada- 520010, India

3College of Clinical Pharmacy, King Faisal University Al-Ahsa, KSA.


The study was aimed at establishing pharmacognostical profile for the leaves of plant Momordica tuberosa. Morphoanatomy of leaves of this plant was studied in order to establish its complete profile to aid in its identification and avoid confusion in taxanomic species. These were established using light microscopy, WHO recommended physicochemical and phytochemical procedures. The parameters presented here like morphoanatomy may be used to establish the authenticity of leaves of this plant as this plant has been used traditionally in India and also to differentiate between closely related Momordica species.

Key words: Anatomy, Leaves, Pharmacognosy, Physico chemical, Transverse section.


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