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Pharmacognosy Journal, 2009; 1():1–7
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Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical Investigation on Aerial Parts of Peristrophe bicalyculata

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In ethnomedicinal practices the traditional healers use the plant as an antidote to snake poison, in bone fractures and sprains. The plant has anti-bacterial property too. Scientific parameters are available only for root in ayurvedic pharmacopoeia but not for stem and leaf to identify the true plant material and to ensure its quality. The aim of present research was focused on the pharmacognostical, physico-chemical and phytochemical properties of Peristrophe bicalyculata. Various parameters like morphology, microscopy, leaf constants, physico-chemical parameters and phytochemical profile for aerial parts (stem and leaf) were studied and the salient diagnostic features were documented


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