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Pharmacognosy Journal, 2009; 1(4):279-281
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In vitro evaluation of anthelmintic activity of anterdhum padhati mashi and bahirdhum padhati mashi of green Cocos nucifera Linn.(Palmae) husk.

Authors and affiliation (s):

Baheti A M*1, Khandelwal K. R.2, Baheti Shikha A.3

1MAEER’s Maharashtra Institute of Pharmacy, Paud Road, Pune, India- 411038.

2J.S.P.M S Rajarshi Shahu College of Pharmacy and Research, Tathawde, pune – 33

3Nabira Mahavidyala, Katol


The aim of present study was to evaluate anthelmintic potential of anterdhum Padhati Mahi (APM) and Bahirdhum Padhati mashi (BPM) using Pheretima posthuma and Ascardia galli as test worms. Various concentrations (10 – 100 mg/ml) of APM and BPM were tested in the bioassay, which involved determination of time of paralysis (P) and time of death (D) of the worms. Piperazine citrate (10 mg/ml) was included as standard reference and distilled water as control. The results of present study indicated that APM and BPM significantly demonstrated paralysis, and also caused death of worms especially at higher concentration of 100 mg/ml, as compared to standard reference Piperazine citrate. In conclusion, the Mashi as an anthelmintic have been confirmed.

Key words: Ascardia galli, Kalpravriksha, Pheretima posthuma, Piperazine citrate,.


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