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Pharmacognosy Journal, 2009; 1(2):111-115
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Pharmacognostical and Phytochemical Studies of Mirabilis Jalapa Linn. Leaves

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Nath Lekshmi R.*, Manjunath KP, Savadi RV and Akki KS

Dept of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, K.L.E.S. College of Pharmacy, Vidyanagar, Hubli - 580031, Karnataka, India.


Mirabilis Jalapa Linn. is a widely used traditional medicine in many parts of the world for the treatment of various diseases viz. virus inhibitory activity, anti tumour activity. No reports are available on the pharmacognostic and phytochemical nature of the leaves of Mirabilis Jalapa Linn. The present study deals with the macroscopic, microscopic and preliminary physico-chemical investigation. All the parameters were studied according to WHO and Pharmacopoeial guidelines. The qualitative chemical tests of the total alcoholic extract revealed the presence of triterpeniods, alkaloids, glycosides and flavonoids. Some of the diagnostic features of the leaf are the presence of multicellular trichomes, anisocytic stomata and calcium oxalate.

Key words: Mirabilis Jalapa Linn; Phytochemical; Pharmacognostic; Microscopic; Traditional medicine.


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