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Pharmacognosy Journal, 2009; 1(3):210-214
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Pharmacognostical studies and antibacterial activity of the leaves of Murraya koenigii

Authors and affiliation (s):

Jaju Shivkanya1, Pahwa Shilpa1, Kumari Sangita1, Fuloria Neeraj2

1 Institute of Pharm. Tech, N.I.E.T., 19, Knowledge Park-II, Gr.Noida, U.P. (India)

2 R. V. Northland, GR. Noida-II, DADRI, U.P. (India)


The present study deals with the macro and microscopical studies as well as antibacterial studies of Murraya koenigii Linn.leaf. Some distinct characters were observed while studying their transverse sections. Macroscopically, the leaf’s shape was lanceolate measuring 4.9 cm long and 1.8 cm broad with a reticulate venation Microscopically, the midrib and laminar region showed a distinct epidermis. The collenchyma was thick walled followed by loosely arranged parenchymatous cells containing oil and starch grains. Physiochemical and preliminary phytochemical studies of the leaf were also carried out. The antibacterial studies confirmed that the methanolic extract was quite effective for S.typhi and E.coli at 100 μg/ ml and 200 μg/ ml respectively. The present study might be useful to supplement information in regard to its identification parameters assumed significantly in the way of acceptability of herbal drugs in the present scenario lacking regulatory laws to control quality of herbal drugs and also to find out the antibacterial activity.

Key words: antibacterial, leaf, macroscopical, methanolic extract, microscopical, Murraya koenigii.


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