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Henry M. Mwangi, Jan Van Der Westhuizen, Jeanine Marnewick, Wilfred T. Mabusela, Mwadham M. Kabanda, Ebenso EE. Isolation, identification and radical scavenging activity of phlorotannin derivatives from brown algae, Ecklonia maxima: An experimental and theoretical study. FREE RADICALS AND ANTIOXIDANTS. 2013;3(2s):s1-s10. Abstract
Fatiha B, Khodir M, Farid D, Tiziri R, Karima B, Sonia O, et al. Optimisation Of Solvent Extraction Of Antioxidants (Phenolic Compounds) From Algerian Mint ( Mentha spicata L. ). Pharmacognosy Communications. 2012;2(4):72-86. Abstract